Educational Solutions

70% of professionals believe that they do not completely master the skills to perform their work, according to a survey released by Gartner.

VFR Tech has corporate educational solutions adaptable to the reality of each organization.

Motivated Teams and Expert Collaborators

Companies that invest in personalized training programs find an improvement of up to 218% productivity and the results of their teams.

Check out some of the options for corporate training in Portugal and in other countries, taught by our team of experts.


Google ADS training

Complete training to professionalize teams or prepare for certifications.

Facebook ADS training

The main practices of Facebook and Instagram Ads to get the best performance in campaigns.

Process Gamification Training

Know and use the principles of gamification to encourage the involvement of those involved.


Main concepts of marketing aimed at the internal audience (employees).

Power BI training

Understanding of the main concepts and assumptions related to Power BI software.

Team Leadership Training

Development of leaders with an approach aimed at empowering students in various spheres.

Benefits of corporate training

  • Improved team communication;
  • Retaining talent;
  • Leadership development;
  • Strong organizational culture;
  • Stimulus for innovation and training;
  • Better adaptation of individuals and teams to change and adversity.

Theoretical and Practical Approach

Teachers and instructors with market and academic knowledge

We understand the importance of concepts and we also know the relevance of knowledge in practice. Our courses are taught by professionals who live the proposed solutions in their daily lives. 

Recognition and Preparation for Certifications

Certified teams offer more results and lower error rates 

The preparation for certification involves, among other things, the practical experience of the tools and this is one of the main differentials offered in all our training courses. 

The results went beyond expectations

A few weeks after training, the team was already delivering better than expected results for that period.

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