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Empower your HR or marketing department to get the best out of your teams and deliver an amazing work environment!

Objectives of Training in Internal Marketing and Endomarketing

Leadership Awareness

It all starts with raising awareness among the executive team, to understand the relevance and benefits of endomarketing actions

Team Development

The best Strategies to extract the maximum potential of the organization's employees, without pressure or toxic work environments


A happy and satisfied employee works better, has a lower rate of errors and losses, as well as more productivity

Attract the best talents

Being an organization disputed by the brightest minds is not an easy task, for that, a strong and structured organizational culture is needed.

built for your need

Training will be organized and delivered according to the specific needs of the organization or team. However, the default template for most customers follows the following format:

The Importance of Listening (Before Acting)

This module aims to awaken and importance in managers, leaders and managers to actively listen to the internal public of an organization. When we talk about internal marketing, actions inherent to the HR department immediately come to mind, with quality of life campaigns, distribution of corporate gifts, among others. However, as important as these elements are, it is essential that the organization has the tools and the culture of a relationship of transparency and trust.

Internal marketing in practice

The main concepts of this so little known area are covered in depth, including the creation of a unique roadmap for the organization's needs, with a coherent strategic planning in relation to expectations, deadlines, budgets and desired results.

Measurement and Monitoring

After implementing the actions, it is necessary and relevant – through various tools – to correctly understand the return on shares in order, based on these analyses, to plan the next steps for the correct implementation of significant actions in the long term for the company.

What is included in our trainings

Whether in corporate training in person or at a distance, all participants receive a Certificate of Completion printed on special paper, complete course booklet in PDF (with the possibility of printing), slides used in classes, exclusive support directly with the teacher and exclusive gifts from VFR Tech.

Luis Bei

CMO - VFR Tech

about the teacher

Born in São Paulo/ Brazil. Publicist, master in Technologies, Communication and Education, specialized in Game Thinking, Digital Marketing and Teaching in Higher Education, with a master's degree in Social and Digital Media. He has worked in large Brazilian companies, being responsible for the implementation of projects and internal marketing in several organizations. He is currently CMO at VFR Tech in Portugal. He has extensive experience managing marketing departments and advertising agencies, responsible for several successful cases. He is a university professor (in Portugal and Brazil), lecturer and has more than 10 years of experience in corporate teaching. 

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The training of corporative education of VFR Tech are structured according to the needs of each company. We have operational capacity to offer face-to-face corporate training in Portugal and throughout Europe, directly at the client's office, either in Portuguese or English. There is also the possibility of remote formations. Please contact us so that we can serve you in the best possible way.

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