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Business Intelligence Solutions


Data Organization

The key to the results lies in the reliability of the data. For this reason, it is important that they are organized, related and accessible.

Project Implementation

Business Intelligence projects of different sizes and segments.

Data Visualization

Visual presentation of results from data analysis, including reports, statistical analysis, performance metrics and various KPI's

Project Improvement

Analysis and improvement of projects that are already underway.

Data Engineering

Simplification of data visualization from engineering. It is here that the data obtained is transformed into suggestions, solutions and strategies for companies.

Project Audit

Technical and careful analysis of ongoing or completed projects.



Highly experienced professionals available and allocated to work on specific projects of the company.

En casa

We help to assemble, organize and manage teams and projects within your company, ensuring efficiency and centralization.

VFR Team

We absorb the entire structure and demands of the project for our team, delivering the most important to the client: results.

Areas of expertise

Our BI solutions can serve a wide variety of businesses and industries


Through our dynamic business model, we have the technical and operational capacity to serve companies of different sizes, anywhere in the world. If you're wondering if BI can help your business, let us know! It will be a pleasure to explain how VFR Tech can help your business grow!





Banks & Finance

Pharmaceuticals & Health

Telecom & Media

Governments & Public Power

Discover VFR Tech's Marketing Solutions

Website Development, Branding, Strategic Consulting, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads and much more.

VFR Blog

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What is Microsoft Azure?

What is Microsoft Azure? 

Azure is a set of solutions developed to offer technological support to businesses of different sizes and segments.

What is Endomarketing? [VIDEO]

What is Endomarketing? [VIDEO]

Marketing & CommunicationWhat is Endomarketing?By VFR Team March 29, 2022 Endomarketing or internal marketing, despite seeming a simple concept, involves a lot of planning and a solid organizational strategy. Check out this...

What is branding? [VIDEO]

What is branding? [VIDEO]

Check out this video, where the CMO of VFR Tech explains in a simple and direct way what branding is and what is its importance in organizations.

Why shouldn't we buy followers

Why shouldn't we buy followers

In this post we will see why buying followers on Instagram or any other social network is not a good strategy and can even harm your brand.

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