Power BI & KPI's

How can Power BI help you monitor KPIs?

14 February 2023

In an increasingly technological and uncertain world, a quick and effective response is required from organizations, where Power BI plays a very important role as a data visualization and artificial intelligence tool.

No post Today we are going to understand exactly how Power BI can help you monitor your organization's key performance indicators, better known as KPIs – Key Performance Indicators.

It's worth mentioning that we have a great post on our blog about the what is Power BI and what is it for, case have lost, can access by clicking here.

1. What are KPI's and what are they for?

Before moving on, let's remember the concept of KPI's, which represent Key Performance Indicators:

KPI's are quantitative measures that help to evaluate the performance and progress of organizations in relation to their strategic objectives, being used to measure any type of area within the organization. As a manager, they come to help you make the best strategic decisions for your business and achieve better future results – that is the main objective.

After this little reminder about KPI's, let's go back to the initial topic.

2. Connecting to data sources and creating dashboards

O Power BI allows its users to connect to a wide source of data including files, applications, services in cloud and databases, facilitating the collection and analysis of your KPI's data. To make this experience even more intuitive and functional, it even allows the creation of dashboards interactive – can be shared across teams, departments or the entire organization, and are highly customizable. In the end, we get insights valuable in the form of tables and graphs, to provide such help in viewing and monitoring them.

3. Automatic alerts

Another very interesting and beneficial feature for organizations is the KPI's alert. It is possible to make a configuration so that you are given alerts when certain indicators reach certain limits or targets so that you can better track them. This means that it is possible to monitor your KPI's in real time, and act quickly and accurately whenever necessary.


 4. Trend analysis and data sharing

For those who want something more complex, Power BI includes advanced analysis features, such as DAX functions, which allow its users to create more elaborate measures and calculations, to monitor their KPIs in a more in-depth way. Since Power BI is an integrated tool from Microsoft, users can easily interconnect their KPI data with other Microsoft tools, such as Excel, to get an even more complete view of them.


The fact that Power BI is a highly powerful tool is undeniable. Shall we apply it together in your business?

If you've made it this far, we hope you've enjoyed this short reading and that it's been useful to you.

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