What is SSIS?

26 July 2023

SSIS may seem like a seven-headed bug to many, but don't worry, we bring a short and explanatory video on this topic, where we briefly demystify this concept.
Check out the video where, Faustino Quindala explains, in a simple and direct way, what SSIS is and how it can be important for organizations.
The Strategic Minute is a VFR initiative to share powerful insights, practical tips and emerging trends that will help you achieve business success. 

Video transcript

Hello, I'm Faustino Quindala and this is the strategic 1 minute with VFR Tech.

Today, we are going to talk about SSIS, which stands for “SQL Server Integration Services”. But don't worry about technical terms, we'll explain it simply!

SSIS is a powerful tool that allows you to easily and efficiently integrate and transform data. Do you know when you have information in different systems and need to join or transfer it? SSIS is the solution for that!

Imagine a company with separate systems in different contexts. With SSIS, it is possible to unite this data automatically, creating a control panel with integrated and updated information in real time, facilitating decisions.

SSIS is a tool that optimizes data integration and transformation, making information management agile and accurate. It is essential for companies that seek efficiency and intelligence in the analysis of their data.

I hope this brief explanation was helpful! Thank you and see you next time!

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