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What is Remarketing?

18 May 2022

Remarketing…. Cookies…. want to learn about these topics in 3 minutes?

Watch this video, where the CMO of VFR, Luis Bei, talks about the importance and functioning of one of the main tools of digital marketing: remarketing (also known as retargeting).

“3min VFR” is an initiative that aims to explain the main concepts of technology, marketing and management in short videos, which go straight to the point, lasting about 3 minutes.


Video transcript

You know when we are in an e-commerce, we put a certain product in a shopping cart… for some reason, we give up on the purchase and then, some time later, that product starts chasing us through the internet? No, that's not witchcraft, it's remarketing. 

How is it working? 
Well, first, we need to briefly understand how cookies work, not the ones we eat, but the ones that always have some warning on the site that we need to accept cookies to access them, you know? Well, this notice is part of the LGPD and the GDPR, but cookies exist well before websites are required to inform us about them. 

In general terms, cookies are small data packages that the website exchanges with our browser. They are stored with information about our browsing history, for example. 

Secondly, ad services, such as google ads and facebook ads, access these cookies and "understand" that we visit a certain website or view a certain product. From there, it is possible to create and target specific campaigns only to those who accessed that site or that specific product. 
And that's why that bag or that cool sneaker keeps chasing you on the internet.  

It is worth mentioning that this technology and others that involve tracking through geolocation, etc, as much as they seem totally invasive, no… wait, it is something very invasive, if we stop to think about it, right?  

The good part, or less worse, is that we can be unconcerned because there is no interest from organizations in our personal data for the purpose of world domination. The interest is only to be able to offer more and more targeted and well-targeted ads, so that advertisers have better and better results and are willing to pay more for ads. 

Remarketing is an important digital marketing tool, after all, some research shows that more than 90% of users leave the site without buying anything. Therefore, ways to bring these users back to the site are relevant strategies to improve online sales.  


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