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What is Endomarketing?

March 29th, 2022

Endomarketing or internal marketing, despite seeming a simple concept, involves a lot of planning and a solid organizational strategy.

Check out this video, where the CMO of VFR Tech, Luis Bei, explains in a simple and direct way what endomarketing is and what is its importance in organizations. Valuing the internal public is a great strategy to retain talent, create healthy work environments and contribute to a better world.

“3min VFR” is an initiative that aims to explain the main concepts of technology, marketing and management in short videos, which go straight to the point, lasting about 3 minutes. 


Video transcript

Endo means “inside or inside” and marketing… well, marketing is a lot. However, broadly and quickly, it is a set of practices and tools that aim to generate or deliver value to a specific audience.

And in endomarketing, it is no different, only that instead of efforts to generate value for final customers, that is, for the outside, the objective of endomarketing is to generate value for the inside, for the internal customers, the employees of an organization.

As much as many companies, unfortunately, still look at their employees as an “operating cost”, many others have already realized the importance of their employees, after all, they are largely responsible for that company to exist, right?

Companies want the best talent available in the market on their teams, after all, a good employee will obviously generate better results. However, for this employee not to “leave” the company, the organization needs to offer more than just a good salary.

Money is good and everyone likes it, but working in a pleasant, welcoming environment, in a company that really cares and takes care of the employee, that allows them to be heard, that visualizes them as a human being and not just “a number” , is much better, is not it?

And this is the principle of endomarketing: to help build a strong organizational culture, where the employee has a sense of belonging, to the point of not wanting to go to work elsewhere, no matter how much they are willing to pay.

And finally, we must keep in mind that as much as this organizational culture is strengthened with good salaries, benefits, gifts, bonuses, days off, trips, a relaxed work environment, etc., it is LEADERSHIP that will dictate the tone of this culture. The way leaders deal with people on a daily basis, treating them with respect, affection and cordiality, is a fundamental element in any endomarketing strategy.

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