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What is Branding?

March 03th, 2022

With Surely you've heard about branding, haven't you? Many people believe that branding is the same thing as visual identity. SPOILER: It's not!
Check out this video, where the CMO of VFR Tech, Luis Bei, explains in a simple and direct way what branding is and what is its importance in organizations.
“3min VFR” is an initiative that aims to explain the main concepts of technology, marketing and management in short videos, which go straight to the point of about 3 minutes in length.

Video transcript

Ever heard of branding but not sure what it is? How about finding out in less than 3 minutes? 

 Hi! Welcome, welcome to 3 minutes VFR, a channel with tips, insights and explanations about marketing, technology and management! 

 Okay, branding….   

 When you go to the supermarket and need to buy something, what makes you choose a certain brand over another? Just the price? Your childhood memories? The quality of the product itself? The most known"? Referral from friends? All this together?? 

 To understand branding, we need to understand its purpose, which is to make brands remember by their audience. The term is derived from the word brand, which means brand. So, branding is the efforts to position and value a brand in its market. 

 But wouldn't that be marketing? 

 More or less…. in fact, it is the professionals in the marketing area who help in the construction of branding. However, we can understand branding as one of the fronts of marketing, which is a great umbrella, which involves several other tools and possibilities. 

 Returning to branding, positioning a brand in complex markets is not an easy task. For it to be remembered and even admired, efforts are needed on several fronts that involve different sectors of a company. 

 Traditionally, a good branding strategy seeks to define and establish at least three key elements for the organization, which would be  

 target audience, which refers to the different audiences that are impacted by the brand, such as customers, partners, employees and shareholders, for example; 

 frame of reference, which is nothing more than knowing the direct and indirect competitors, as well as the entire economic, political and legal environment in which the company operates.  

And finally, the point of difference, which is precisely the great differential of that product or service in relation to the competition.  

It is worth mentioning that most of the time this point of differentiation is something subjective and not necessarily functional.

If we take as an example Coca Cola that sells “liquid happiness” (and not just carbonated water with coloring and sugar), we will be able to understand that this differentiation is very much in line with the discourse and positioning of a brand and not necessarily the functional value it delivery. 

Therefore, branding aims to generate a perception of value to the public in order to position a brand in a market. 

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