VFR Tech participates in the Inauguration of the CIT-TTM

21 July 2022

Last July 15th, the Terra de Trás-os-Montes Technological Innovation Center (CIT-TTM) was inaugurated, an institution supported by VFR Tech.

Last weekend, our CEO Vinicius Ramos and our CMO Luis Bei were present at the inauguration of the Technological Innovation Center of Trás-os-Montes, representing VFR Tech as a partner and supporter of this initiative.

The CIT-TTM aims at the development of local entrepreneurship and the promotion of innovation projects in the region of Terras de Trás-os-Montes, in close alignment with the local business fabric, public entities and young people in the region. The initiative is the result of a strategic partnership between Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence – APBI and the Municipality of Miranda do Douro.


On the occasion, authorities were present, such as the Secretary of State, Professor Isabel Ferreira, President of the Municipality of Miranda do Douro, Dr. Helena Barril, and the President of the Portuguese Business Intelligence Association, Eng José Rui Gomes.

VFR Tech, along with large technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and BI4ALL, is part of the list of companies supporting the CIT-TTM.


Brand platform construction

The CIT-TTM brand and all its elements were developed by VFR Tech, delivering visual elements that could convey the concepts of technology, innovation and education, key pillars of CIT. 

Next, you can see the brand created and its developments in different applications.

VFR Commitment

We are committed to the development and promotion of technology and innovation in Portugal and in the world. For us, it was an honor to be able to develop the CIT-TTM brand, in addition to helping in other aspects, including the first technological training that the Center will offer.


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