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Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, which should I choose

06 September 2022

workspace versus 365



When a company decides to migrate its processes to cloud solutions, one of the main questions is related to the file and email management service. There are several options available in the market, two of the main ones being the Google workspace and the Microsoft 365.


To better understand how cloud computing works, you can access our specific post on this topic.

In this post, we will address the following topics:



Before starting, we should know that the two platforms offer similar services, with the focus being to offer productivity and practicality for organizations to create and share files securely, as well as manage their emails, calendars, meetings, among others.

A cloud management platform assumes that employees will work all the time, or at least most of the time, connected to the internet. If a few years ago we could access files from other computers in the company from an internal network, with cloud solutions we can do this from anywhere in the world, from the cloud.

After the mass adoption of companies by home-office or hybrid regimes, collaboration and management platforms in clouds (which already existed) gained even more expression and are incredibly economical if we consider that there are practically no costs with physical infrastructure for their use.



It is important to consider that both platforms – for business plans – are paid and prices vary according to customer needs. As a comparison, as of today, Google's intermediate plan (in Europe) costs €9,36 per user, per month, while rival Microsoft's service, with equivalent features, costs €10,50 per user, per month. month.

The best way to calculate what will be the effective cost for the organization is to multiply the number of employees by the monthly cost of the platform and after that, multiply by 12. In this way, it is possible to have a projection of the annual cost of using the tool in the company.

Included Services 


For the price range indicated in the previous topic, both platforms offer interesting solutions for the organization, encompassing text tools, spreadsheets and presentations (Windows 365: Word, Excel and Powerpoint and in the case of Workspace: Docs, Sheets and Presentations), integrated calendar, calling platform, secure file storage and sharing, personalization of business emails (Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail), among others.

Below, you can check in the infographic that we have prepared the main features of each of the platforms:

Google Workspace vs Windows 365


So which is the best option for your company, Google Wordkspace or Microsoft 365?

Both services have good features and can certainly meet most business demands. As we can see in our infographic, Google has some advantage in being slightly cheaper, offering twice the amount of cloud storage per user. On the other hand, for companies that need a Microsoft office license and may eventually have to work with documents offline, the Microsoft suite may be the best option.

Finally, it is worth understanding what your business needs are, then selecting the best option for hiring.

If you have any questions about the settings and possibilities of this platform, please contact us, we will be happy to help!

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